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Tailor Fishing on the Gold Coast: Tips and Locations


The Gold Coast, with its diverse fishing opportunities, is a haven for anglers seeking the thrill of reeling in Tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix). These feisty fish are known for their aggressive strikes and make for a challenging and rewarding catch. In this article, we’ll explore Tailor fishing on the Gold Coast, including prime locations such as Burleigh Headland, South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast beaches, and offshore reefs. We’ll also discuss various fishing methods and suggest the convenience of True Blue Fishing Charters for offshore reef expeditions.

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Prime Tailor Fishing Locations

  1. Burleigh Headland: Burleigh Headland is a popular spot for Tailor fishing. Anglers often gather along the rocky outcrops and beaches, casting their lines into the surf to lure Tailor. The combination of rocky terrain and nearby deep waters makes Burleigh Headland an ideal location to hook these fast-swimming fish.

  2. South Stradbroke Island: The waters around South Stradbroke Island offer excellent opportunities for Tailor fishing. The island’s diverse coastal environments provide a variety of fishing experiences, from surf fishing along the beaches to targeting Tailor in the tidal gutters.

  3. Gold Coast Beaches: The Gold Coast’s extensive coastline is home to numerous Tailor hotspots. From Main Beach to Coolangatta, these beaches attract anglers year-round. Tailor often patrol the surf zones, making beach fishing a thrilling adventure.

  4. Gold Coast Seaway Jetty: The Gold Coast Seaway Jetty is another prime location for Tailor fishing. This convenient and productive spot offers a variety of catches, including Tailor. It’s known for its accessibility and suitability for anglers of all skill levels.

  5. Offshore Reefs: For those seeking bigger Tailor and an offshore fishing experience, the Gold Coast’s offshore reefs are the place to be. These reefs provide a rich feeding ground for Tailor and other game fish, promising exciting deep-sea angling opportunities.

Tailor Fishing Methods

  1. Bait Fishing: Using fresh or frozen bait such as pilchards, whitebait, or garfish is a classic method for targeting Tailor. Anglers often employ a gang hook rig to present the bait naturally in the water, enticing Tailor to strike.

  2. Metal Slugs: Metal slugs are highly effective for Tailor fishing. These lures mimic the fish’s natural prey, and their shiny, reflective surfaces attract Tailor from a distance. Casting and retrieving metal slugs can lead to thrilling surface strikes.

  3. Soft Plastics: Soft plastic lures, designed to resemble small baitfish, are a versatile choice for Tailor fishing. You can work these lures at varying depths and speeds, making them effective for enticing Tailor in different conditions.

  4. Trolling Small Hard-Bodied Lures: Trolling with small hard-bodied lures is a productive technique when Tailor are schooling in deeper waters. The erratic swimming action of these lures triggers Tailor strikes.

Gold coast seaway jetty a prime tailor fishing spot

True Blue Fishing Charters: Your Gateway to Offshore Reefs

For an unforgettable Tailor fishing experience on the Gold Coast’s offshore reefs, consider True Blue Fishing Charters. Their expert guides and well-equipped charters will take you to prime Tailor grounds, ensuring a successful and thrilling fishing expedition. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, True Blue Fishing Charters offer a convenient and rewarding way to access offshore reefs and target Tailor.


Tailor fishing on the Gold Coast provides anglers with excitement, challenge, and the opportunity to savor the region’s marine bounty. Whether you’re casting your line from Burleigh Headland, exploring South Stradbroke Island’s waters, enjoying the Gold Coast’s picturesque beaches, fishing at the Gold Coast Seaway Jetty, or venturing offshore to the reefs, Tailor fishing promises an adventure like no other. Equip yourself with the right gear, choose the best bait or lures for the day, and consider the convenience of True Blue Fishing Charters for offshore Tailor expeditions. Cast your line, reel in those feisty Tailor, and make lasting memories on the Gold Coast’s stunning waters. Happy fishing!

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