Sand banks suitable for yabby pumping

Gold Coast Yabby Pumping: Secrets to Success


Yabby pumping is a treasured pastime on the Gold Coast, celebrated for its role in providing prized live bait. These crustaceans are essential for local fishing, luring coveted species such as bream, flathead, whiting, and mulloway. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the art of yabby pumping on the Gold Coast, unlocking the secrets to securing these invaluable live baits. Join us in this adventure!

Section 1: Essential Yabby Pumping Gear

Yabby Pump:

  • The yabby pump is your trusty companion for this activity, featuring a long tube with a handle and plunger.
  • Ensure your pump is in optimal condition, free from cracks or damage.
  • Apply lubrication to the plunger to create a solid seal and enhance suction power.

Floating Ring with a Sieve:

  • The floating ring with a sieve is a game-changer, facilitating efficient separation of yabbies from sand and water.
  • This gear is pivotal in maximizing your catch potential.
yabby pump

Section 2: Prime Yabby Pumping Locations in Gold Coast

  1. Tallebudgera Creek:

    • Nestled in Burleigh Heads, Tallebudgera Creek stands out as a top-tier spot for yabby pumping.
    • Navigate to shallow, sandy areas near the creek’s mouth, teeming with abundant yabby populations.
    • Always adhere to local regulations and secure any necessary permits.
  2. Currumbin Creek:

    • Currumbin Creek, another hotspot for yabby enthusiasts, offers abundant opportunities.
    • Explore the mudflats and sandbanks during low tide for optimal results.
    • Observe subtle surface movements indicating yabby burrows.
  3. Jacobs Well:

    • Jacobs Well, located on the northern end of the Gold Coast, beckons yabby hunters with its sheltered waterways and sandy shores.
    • Keep a watchful eye on tide conditions, as they influence yabby activity.
  4. Gold Coast Broadwater:

    • The Gold Coast Broadwater is a hidden gem for yabby pumping, particularly during low tide.
    • Its numerous sandbanks house thriving yabby populations, making it an ideal destination for your yabby-hunting expedition.
    • For the most productive spots, consider utilizing a boat.

Section 3: Mastering Yabby Pumping Techniques

  1. Locating Yabby Burrows and Optimal Timing:

    • Yabby pumping thrives on the ebb and flow of tides, with peak effectiveness on either side of a low tide. For other times, a floating sieve proves invaluable.
    • Yabby burrows primarily dot shallow, sandy coastal areas, but bear in mind that deeper waters pose greater pumping challenges.
  2. Yabby Pump Placement and Execution:

    • Position your yabby pump nozzle squarely over the burrow entrance.
    • Execute a smooth, controlled pull on the plunger to create a powerful suction effect.
  3. Precision and Perseverance:

    • Persistent effort while pumping yabbies is essential to ensure a successful catch.

    • Don’t hesitate to pump each burrow multiple times, as some may yield multiple yabbies.
  4. Responsible Harvesting:

    • Exercise judicious selection when examining your catch, taking only what you require.
    • Uphold the conservation ethos by releasing undersized or unwanted yabbies, ensuring their continued presence in the ecosystem.
  5. Proper Yabby Storage:

    • Store your captured yabbies in a well-aerated bait bucket, complete with a secure lid.
    • Shield the bucket from direct sunlight to maintain optimal water temperature and ensure the well-being of your yabbies.
floating sieve for yabby pumping

By factoring in tide conditions, mastering the technique, and demonstrating responsible harvesting practices, you’ll heighten your prospects of a successful yabby pumping escapade on the Gold Coast. Your efforts will not only yield bountiful catches but also contribute to the protection of the yabby population and the local ecosystem.


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