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Mermaid Reef – Fishing Hot spot

Where is Mermaid Reef?

Mermaid reef is located just off the coastline, adjacent to Mermaid beach towards the southern end of the Gold coast. There is a considerable amount of natural reef beginning just a few hundred metres out behind the breakers. The depths vary from around 25 metres, with pinnacles rising up to just a few metres below the surface.

Can I fish at Mermaid beach reef?

Absolutely, its a very popular local hot spot. Other activities undertaken at mermaid beach reef include, Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking and spear fishing. The reef system holds a wide variety of both bait fish and larger predatory fish species. As such it can be a very popular spot when the Mackerel are running.

Mermaid reef GT

How Do I Get There?

 The two main ways to reach the reef are by boat or kayak. Kayaks can be launched from either Mermaid beach or Tallebudgera creek. For trailer boats you can launch at either Southport and run south down the coast. (approximately 12 nautical miles from the Gold coast Seaway). Alternatively you can travel up the coast from the Tweed river.

Similarly, smaller vessels can also be launched at Currumbin Creek or Tallebudgera inlet. Please be forwarned both of these locations have very shallow coastal bars that need to be crossed to get offshore. As a rule these bars should only be attempted when the tide is high and the weather conditions are favourable with a very low swell. Always remember no fish is worth your life, if the bar is rough, go home and wait for a day with better conditions.

Mermaid beach reef cobia

Fishing Mermaid reef

Fishing at Mermaid can be hot and cold. Without a doubt it can be one of the best local spots to target and catch Mackerel (Spanish, Spotted, and School). Mackerel fishing is seasonal. Best months are December – April. Most people who fish this area tend to chase mackerel. However this area holds a plethora of other quality species too. 

Over the years while we have been down there chasing mackerel we have caught numerous other large trophy fish at the reef. Common species we have caught include mulloway, big cod, cobia, sharks and even big GT’s have fallen victim to nicely presented live baits.

Generally speaking the best times to fish this reef system is early morning as the sun comes up over the horizon, or late afternoon around dusk.

Mackerel Palm beach
The Main Summer Target Species. Mackerel.

What’s the Best Bait To Use at the Reef?

If you are planning to chase the bigger predatory fish. Without a doubt either live yellowtail or slimy mackerel are by far the most productive baits. These can be caught on the reef itself. Alternatively lightly weighted floating pilchards either whole or cut into pieces will get good results too.

mermaid reef fishing
A good days mackerel fishing.


Mermaid fishing Charters

Can I Go on a fishing charter to mermaid beach reef?

Absolutely, most charter boats fish the reefs off mermaid beach at certain times during the year, particularly when the Mackerel are biting. It is best to book on a weekday for the best fishing results. Firstly there is usually less boats on the reef. Secondly you might get a better price for a mid week session.

Palm beach reef fishing


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