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How to Get The Most Out of Your Charter

Fishing Charters – How to get the most out of your experience.

There are some major advantages to using a commercial charter boat for your fishing requirements. Especially when travelling long distances away from home. You will find most charters, while fairly priced, will still cost you a reasonable sum of money. It is critical that you make the most of your time onboard the boat. Unfortunately some fishing charter customers don’t get as much value, or as many fish as they possibly could. Read on for some great advice on how to get the most out of your charter.

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The Captain and Crew

A big part of what you get for your money is the experience and local knowledge of your captain and his deck hand. Therefore you should pay close attention to all the briefings and the valuable advice that the crew offer to you. Further more, most charter captains know the local area and fishing techniques like the back of their hand. Thus by listening to your crew and paying careful attention to their demonstrations, your fishing technique will improve. If you are unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to ask questions either. Your crew will be happy to help.

Sit or Stand on Your Charter

Deep sea fishing charters are most suitable for those who are in fairly good physical shape. In other words, you really need the ability to be able to stand up and fish on a boat that is constantly rocking with the waves. Indeed most good fishing charter operators will still happily accommodate the less able, and find them a comfortable spot to sit. Nevertheless those who are standing up with their rod tips closer to the water, tend to have a faster reaction to bites and a more consistent hook up rate.

In short if you are physically able to stand and concentrate on watching and feeling for bites. You will vastly improve your chances of achieving a good catch. While this may be true, those who do need to sit and fish can still achieve reasonable results. Provided they are holding the rod and concentrating. Bottom fishing rods that are left in rod holders unattended don’t catch fish and generally just create tangles. Usually resulting in you upsetting other fisho’s on board. Holding your rod and paying attention is the key to success.

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Sea Sickness

In a nut shell a bout of sea sickness can and will ruin your day! While this doesn’t sound pleasant, there are a few simple steps that one can to take to avoid this scenario. First and foremost it is highly advisable not to hit the town and drink excessively the night before your scheduled departure. Copious amounts of alcohol and the open ocean are a recipe for disaster. Consequently if you turn up drunk, you most likely wont be permitted to board the boat. We recommend you get a good few hours sleep and have a healthy breakfast before boarding.

If you have never been out on the ocean before, and are unsure if you will suffer from seasickness, it is advisable to visit your local pharmacist. Importantly they will be able advise what is best for you. Most reputable chemists stock a variety of motion sickness preventatives. Accordingly its better to invest a few dollars to prevent sea sickness to make your day a more enjoyable one.

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Weather Considerations. Hot or Cold

Another extremely important aspect to consider is the local weather conditions, it is important to dress appropriately to suit the season. For example if rain is forecast its advisable to bring along a spray jacket, if its hot dress comfortably but take along a jumper or jacket just in case the conditions change. Suitable non slip shoes are also advisable. Finally you don’t want to wear your best clothes, fishing can be messy and you don’t want to ruin you favourite outfit.

Make it a Day to Remember.

To sum up, if you heed the important advice we have provided in this article, its guaranteed that you will have a far more enjoyable offshore fishing trip. Being prepared and knowing what to bring and what to expect will enrich your overall experience. Being sick or cold isn’t nice, and is easily avoidable. You have paid good money to have fun, be sure to get the absolute best value for money out of your day out on the ocean.


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