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Pearl Perch Gold Coast Deep Sea Fishing

Pearl Perch Gold Coast.

Chasing Pearl perch off the Gold coast can be a very rewarding experience. Pearlies as they are commonly called, can be found along the east coast between Port Macquarie in NSW and as far north aspearl perch off the Gold coast Rockhampton in Qld. Pearl perch are a demersal bottom dwelling fish species that inhabit the local reef systems. They prefer deeper water, and you’re most likely to find them in 40-100 metres.

Your best chance to get on the pearlies is to chase them in deep water. They prefer rugged lumpy reef structure and they also seem to like to man-made reefs and ship wrecks.
A quality depth sounder and the know to use and read it accurately is critical. Pearlies form tight schools and tend to stack up on one on another. 

Gold Coast Pearl Perch – Suitable baits.

Pearlies are not particularly fussy eaters they will happily devour most flesh baits, pilchards or squid. The key is to make sure its fresh and in good condition. Similarly they also respond well to nicely presented live baits such as Yellowtail scad or Slimy mackerel. However if you cant get hold of quality bait. Or don’t have time to waste catching live bait, these quality table fish will also take knife and soft plastics jigs too.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle and rigs for Pearlies.

Although one doesn’t need super heavy tackle to catch Pearlies. One should keep in mind that other larger species such as Cobia, Kingfish, Amberjack, Cod and Sambos. Also tend to inhabit the same areas as pearl perch. In other words a good quality overhead or spinning reel loaded with a minimum 15kg line will get the job done.

fishing charters BrisbaneA simple paternoster rig with circle hooks and a snapper lead attached is a tried and proven method for catching these deep dwelling fish. However, if you prefer to fish light. When wind and current permit. Lighter ball sinkers with a snelled rig will allow you to slowly sink a bait to them. As a bonus you may pick up Snapper and other species as the bait slowly sinks through the water column.

Fishing The Gold Coast.

Pearl perch can be caught off the Gold coast year round, but tend to be more prolific through the cooler months. The 50 fathom grounds are the most productive for pearlies, but reasonable numbers also come off the 36 fathom reefs too. And to a lesser extent they are also sometimes known to show up in closer in depths of 24 fathoms, but they tend to be smaller specimans.

A safe reliable boat is your only option to get to these fish. For instance a boat of 6 metres or above with quality engines. If you don’t own a seaworthy boat. Another great option is to gather up a bunch of family and friends and charter a boat for a full day trip. for more information

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