Charter fishing etiquette

Charter Fishing Etiquette

Charter Fishing Etiquette

Charter fishing Etiquette is essential. Etiquette will always gain you respect by others. It’s also the same when participating in a fishing charter. If you haven’t been on a fishing tour before or you have been on plenty, we at True Blue Fishing have come up with a few tips which will help make your next deep sea fishing trip a more pleasurable experience for everyone on board.

Use your Manners

Having manners onboard or off will always go a long way. If there’s something not going your way, speak to the Skipper and deckhand with courtesy. The crew will always go above and beyond to assist if you are polite, making the trip more pleasant and enjoyable. Lets face it, no one likes to be spoken to in a rude manner.

Be Flexible with Your Itinerary

Although Skippers are very skilled and extremely knowledgeable about ocean conditions, they cannot control weather and other unforeseen occurrences. So when the Skipper calls to cancel your charter due to safety and weather concerns, you just have to trust his years of experience and expert judgment. In some instances your captain may offer an alternate trip such as Broadwater cruising or calm water fishing. Of course if you prefer, you can reschedule or request a refund of your deposit.

Tell the Skipper and Crew What You Would Like to Target

Don’t forget to talk to your skipper about your experience. Before your trip, tell them what kind of fishing you prefer. Whether you’re aiming for a specific target fish to, fishing methods you like (or don’t like). The more info you provide, the better for them to help manage your expectations. If you have booked the boat exclusively the captain should be able to accommodate your preferred fishing methods.

Don’t Put Your Captain and Crew in an Awkward Situation

Being demanding onboard the boat is a stressful situation for any skipper or deckhand to be in. If you’ve communicated with the operator prior to your scheduled trip, Skippers will generally  have advised you what is and possible or not. Making unrealistic demands and not taking your charter crews advice more often than not leads to an unpleasant experience. You may be a seasoned weekend angler but note your fishing charter skipper fishes almost every day and will know his local grounds and target species better than anyone.

Its Called Fishing, Not Catching

One thing to keep in mind is your crew takes great pleasure in getting their clients on to fish and will do all they can to ensure this happens. They are also just as disappointed or frustrated as you the customer when fish just wont cooperate. So, in reality, fishing is just that, “fishing”. Catching does not happen all day, every day (We wish it did!). Whether you travel to a holiday destination from the other side of the country, or just wander down to your local wharf, your target species may or may not co-operate. With this in mind, you’ll enjoy your fishing charter so much more.

Sea sickness

Unfortunately many people suffer from motion sickness. Prevention is the best cure. If you are concerned you might be sick while on your charter. Consult your local pharmacist, there are several different medications and devices available.

If you are going to vomit while onboard. Don’t ruin the experience for others. Head for the down wind side and vomit straight into the ocean. Do not vomit in the toilet, sink or garbage bins. If it goes over the side the smell is gone instantly.

What and What Not to Wear

There are not many restrictions when it comes to what you wear for a fishing charter, wear something comfortable that is suitable for the season. The footwear, however, is another story. High heel shoes will lead to a broken ankle! You may wear boat shoes, sneaker or thong for your trip.

Enjoy the Whole Experience – Charter fishing etiquette

Fishing can sometimes be extreme but don’t also forget to enjoy the “downtime” – you are at sea on a boat after all. Enjoy the ocean, the scenic views and the fresh sea breeze. Get acquainted with the Skipper and deckie and be one with nature, you will likely see Dolphins, whales and other marine life. Bottom line, relax and enjoy the whole experience.

 Stay Safe

Though you can have tonnes of fun while fishing, keep in mind you’re out in the middle of the ocean. No Doctors, hospitals,  just you, the Skipper and the boat. You always have to practice safety first. Always listen carefully to the safety briefings at the beginning and during your trip. These policies are there to keep you safe.

Enjoy your time on the water and remember to take your charter fishing etiquette along.


Charter fishing etiquette – True blue fishing



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