Gold Coast Estuary Fishing

Gold Coast Estuary Fishing.


Gold coast estuary fishing charters With True Blue Fishing. Broadwater fishing Gold coastThe Gold Coast’s estuary system is a great place to fish. Providing easy access to inshore waterways, and the chance to bag a trophy-sized fish or just a feed of mud crabs make the Gold Coast Broadwater a low stress option for boaties and shore anglers alike. The extensive size of this waterway makes it a fishermen’s paradise. Even during peak holiday season you can still find your own secluded hideaway. As an angler, you will coexist with dolphins, turtles, and other wildlife. The number of different fish species available make it impossible to ever get bored and with South Stradbroke Island being so accessible you can easily pull up and have lunch or visit one of the islands bars for a cold beer.



Gold Coast Broadwater Fishing.

The Gold Coast Broadwater is loaded with fish due to excellent water quality. The system is flushed twice Gold coast estuary fishing chartersdaily via the Seaway and the Jumpinpin  entrances. Complementing the natural environment there are numerous man made fish holding structures inside the Broadwater including the Seaway rock walls, Wave Break, Sovereign, and Ephraim islands, multiple bridges, and the entire Gold coast canal system. The creation of these new habitats ensures everyone can expect to catch a feed of fish whether it be from a boat or onshore.

Bream Gold coast estuary fishing chartersThe months of September to November are perfect for chasing Dusky Flathead, arguably Australia’s most popular fish. These delicious bottom dwellers become prolific in the Broadwater for the breeding cycle that begins in September and October. A size legal limit allows fish between 40 and 75 centimetres to be kept, with the larger breeding females legally required to be released to continue the breeding cycle.

 In addition to the resident Flathead, schools of Bream are thick through the winter months. Giant and Big-Eye Trevally tend to turn up in the warmer months. Mulloway and Tailor are prolific in areas with a bit more depth and Mangrove jacks are always a favourite for those who take the time to target them.Gold coast Seaway
A great tip for Gold coast estuary fishing is to fish as light as possible. A 6-7’ spin rod with a matched threadline reel, or a similar sized bait caster outfit spooled with 6-10lb braid, and 15lb  leader will handle most of the critters that call the local estuaries home. By fishing light you can cast further, and not spook fish in shallow waters.

True Blue Fishing charters offer Exclusive Gold Coast Broadwater fishing charters for private groups. Targeting various species depending on the season. We can accommodate groups of 12 or 16 people.

For bookings call 07 55109622 or visit our home page.

Gold Coast Estuary Fishing Charters – Gold Coast Broadwater Fishing Charters.



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