Whale Watching Gold Coast

Whale Watching Gold Coast

Whale watching Gold coast is becoming one of the world’s most natural experiences, and nowhere is it as entertaining as the pristine blue waters of the Pacific ocean off the Gold coast Queensland, Australia. This large coastal city has fast become known as a sensational whale watching destination. Every year thousands of  southern humpback whale groups leave their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to begin their epic voyage North. A journey of almost 10,000 Kilometres. A larger number of the whale pods travel up along the east coast of Australia, passing the Gold coast and Brisbane on their way to their breeding and birthing grounds in the sub tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef north of Hervey Bay.
It is an amazing experience to watch, from close quarters 40 tonne whales leap out of the out of the ocean, lift their magnificent heads to watch the whale watchers observing them, wave with their flippers, splash their huge powerful tails as they dive and roll over in the ocean.

Humpback Whales are now a protected species and commercial whaling in Australia is now prohibited. However, off the coast of South-East Queensland in the early 1950’s and 1960’s around 45,000 whales were slaughtered for their blubber and meat which was turned into stock feed for Aussie farmers. The numbers of whales in the area severely declined.

Humpback Whales have since recovered very strongly in the Southern Hemisphere, increasing to an estimated 15,000 animals in 2014 and continuing to grow by about 12% every year. This is incredible when you think that they were almost hunted to extinction, there was thought to be only 400 left in the mid-sixties. Nowadays, Humpback Whales can relax as they enjoy additional protective measures, such as whale sanctuaries, in a number of countries including Australia. The Australian Whale Sanctuary provides safe haven for whales within Australian waters 200 nautical miles off the coastline. This makes for great whale watching Gold coast.

During whale season (June – November) True blue fishing is offering our fast vessels MV “Seaquest” and MV “fat hooker” for private charter for whale watching Gold coast (Monday-Friday). For groups of 1-16 people. Tour duration is 3 hours, departure times are flexible. For more info about our gold coast whale watching tours please give us a call on 07 5510 9622.  

Whale watching Gold coast


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