Bottom reef fishing gold coast

Teraglin fishing gold coast

Teraglin fishing Gold coast

Teraglin also known as Trag or Trag jewfish

The humble Teraglin is often confused with its larger cousin the mighty Mulloway. The main difference is in the shape of their tail fin. Teraglin are also often referred to as Trag or Trag jewfish. Additionally these fish are available in good numbers off the coast of south east Queensland. They can found on the Gold coasts local reefs in depths between 30-75 metres. Unfortunately Trag don’t grow as big as Mulloway but fish up to 70cm in length are not uncommon, the current Australian record for Teraglin fishing is 9kgs!

Teraglin fishing gold coast

Best Bait For Trag

Teraglin respond well to variety of live and dead baits, if you can get smaller sized live yellowtail you will catch plenty of big Trag. However dead baits such as mullet fillets, prawns, pilchards, squid and other flesh baits also work very well. Baits need to be fished close to the bottom, a standard patternoster rig with 2 hooks and a snapper lead works well. We like to use either a 4/0 or 5/0 hook in a suicide pattern. Circle hooks also work well. In addition your sinker size will depend on depth of water, speed of current and weather you choose to anchor or drift.

Trag fishing

How to Catch Teraglin

Teraglin tend to bite very softly so its essential to keep your line tight at all times. This will enable you to be able to feel their subtle nibbles. Teraglin often move in large schools and its not uncommon to catch two at a time. They have very soft mouths so once you have hooked them its essential not to wind too hard and fast. Ideally you just need to keep constant line pressure and bring them up at a smooth pace. Using a jerking action or winding too fast will result in the loss of most fish.

General Information

Teraglin are great eating either filleted or oven baked whole.
Legal size for Teraglin in Qld at the time of writing is currently 38cm with a bag limit of 5 per person.

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