Fish Recipes

Fish recipes Many of our satisfied Gold coast fishing charter customers ask us how to prepare and cook their catch, below is a variety of delicous fish recipes you can use to turn your catch into a gourmet feast. Mark’s beer batter a simple and easy way to cook fish filletsIngredients1 can of xxxx Gold or similar […]

Wahoo fishing charters gold coast

Wahoo Fishing – Gold Coast Charters Fishing for Wahoo. Wahoo are a pelagic fish species that frequent Gold coast waters between December and April. Wahoo are very similar in shape to a Mackerel but can be distinguished by its different jaw shape, and the length of its dorsal fin. Not to mention its colour pattern […]

Tuna fishing gold coast

Tuna fishing Gold coast Tips for Tuna fishing gold coast Australia. Tuna Types Tuna are a highly prized saltwater game fish. There is no doubt that most of the tuna species grow to a hefty size and size making them an excellent game fishing target species. There are several species of tuna including the Yellowfin, […]

Teraglin fishing gold coast

Bottom reef fishing gold coast

Teraglin fishing Gold coast Teraglin also known as Trag or Trag jewfish The humble Teraglin is often confused with its larger cousin the mighty Mulloway. The main difference is in the shape of their tail fin. Teraglin are also often referred to as Trag or Trag jewfish. Additionally these fish are available in good numbers […]

Sailfish Gold coast

Gold coast sailfish Sailfish are reasonably common in Gold coast waters throughout the summer months, They like to live in warmer sections of all the oceans of the world. They are blue to grey in colour and have a distinctive dorsal fin that is also known as a sail, which often stretches the entire length […]

Mulloway Fishing Gold Coast

Mulloway fishing gold coast

Mulloway Fishing Gold coast Fishing for Mulloway on the Gold coast requires a lot of patience but can very rewarding. Mulloway are often targeted anglers, and days and nights can be spent trying to catch the bigger fish. However more often than not. We find we catch them when not specifically targeting them. They often […]

Mahi Mahi Fishing Gold Coast

Experience Mahi Mahi Fishing on the Gold Coast Mahi-mahi fishing on the Gold Coast is an exciting adventure, and here’s everything you need to know about this amazing sport. Contrary to popular belief, Mahi-mahi is not related to dolphins but is often referred to as Dolphin fish or Dorado. The English language adopted the Hawaiian […]

Gold coast Mackerel Fishing

gold coast mackerel fishing

Gold coast mackerel fishing Spaniards, spotties, Schoolies Scombridae family Best time for Gold coast mackerel fishing January-May Mackerel are one of the oceans fastest pelagic species, with razor sharp dentures and blistering high speed runs, big mackerel provide great sport and quality eating for those that actively target them off the coast of south east […]

Snapper fishing gold coast

SNAPPER FISHING GOLD COAST, TIPS AND TECHNIQUES, BAIT AND BURLEY HOW TO CATCH BIG SNAPPER ON THE GOLD COAST. Snapper fishing Gold coast (knobbies, pinkies, red bream, squire)Pagrus auratus Snapper are about all year round. But many of the larger fish tend to turn up on the Gold coasts shallow reefs during the cooler months […]

Black Marlin Fishing Gold Coast

Black marlin fishing Gold coast How to catch black marlin on the Gold coast Every year around the beginning of December a good run of black marlin turn up in the Pacific ocean off the Gold coast. These fish usually congregate around the shallow reefs between 18-50 fathoms until the end of February. Although they […]