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Reef and Game Fishing Charters Gold Coast, All You Need To Know.

With a show case of sun-drenched beaches, hinterland rainforests and a vibrant city night life, it’s easy to see why tourists from far and wide are attracted to Australia’s Gold Coast. In addition to that, the offshore fishing action here is nothing short of sensational! The deep offshore waters of the pacific ocean are home to both bottom dwelling reef dwellers and big game fish.  If you’re looking to get involved in some action packed deep sea fishing, the Gold Coast is the place for you.

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Although it is possible to catch a variety of fish in the Gold Coast’s many rivers, creeks, canals and the shallow water in the Gold coast broadwater, there’s one big reason why both Aussies and international visitors with a passion for fishing flock to the gold coast. With safe access to straight out to the Pacific Ocean, the chances of encountering some hard-fighting fish are extremely high! Regardless of your level of fishing experience, you will find a deep sea fishing charter that suits you.

Before you book your trip, you probably want to know a little more. What species can you catch when deep sea fishing off the Gold Coast – and how do you catch them? Let’s dive in…

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Reef Fish

When most people think of deep sea fishing, they usually think up images of huge, hard-fighting fish in their heads. Although that’s one exciting aspect of this type of fishing, it’s not the only thing on offer. Deep sea fishing off the Gold Coast usually involve chasing some tasty table fair, as well as the tougher hard fighting reef species.

You will have the opportunity to catch anything from Snapper, Mulloway, Cobia, Tuskfish, Teraglin, Cod and a variety of other bottom dwelling species. Perhaps one of the most sought after species in the Gold Coast region is the Snapper. These quality fish grow to up to a metre long and are especially delicious when served up on the plate. They tend to turn up on the shallow reefs during the winter months, usually between April to October.

There’s a variety of techniques that Gold Coast fishing charter operators like to implement when it comes to these species. With snapper, “float lining” or “bottom bashing” techniques are favoured. Live baiting is also popular when it comes to species like Cobia, and Mulloway.

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Game Fish

If there’s one species that’s considered game fishing royalty, it has to be the Marlin. You will find a healthy population of Black Marlin inhabiting the waters east of the Gold coast during the summer months, usually first turning up around late November. These fish are capable of peeling line at a blistering speed and can grow over 500 kilograms. They like to spend their time feeding on the surface and around the local reefs and current lines.

During January and you may be lucky enough to spot the majestic dorsal fin of the Sailfish appearing above the waters around Gold Coast. This species may be on the smaller end of the Billfish scale, but it’s capable of traveling up to 110 kilometres per hour, and puts up an incredible battle.

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Black Marlin often lurk in waters around 15 minutes from shore around the reefs and wrecks. You won’t have to travel much further to encounter Sailfish and Blue Marlin, either. They usually inhabit these waters from the beginning of the summer (around the end of November) until February time.

Two more pelagic species that top many keen anglers bucket lists. Wahoo and Mahi Mahi,. What could possibly make a deep sea fishing adventure along the Gold Coast even more exciting? The addition of these two world famous big game species!

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Looking for a species that fights hard, grows huge and makes for some of the most delicious table fare this side of the equator? We have one word for you: Tuna. There is the world-famous Yellowfin, for one, as well as northern Bluefin. You will also find more local varieties such as Mackerel and Striped Tuna and Bonito. Not only can these species be found in impressive numbers here, they also inhabit these waters throughout the season. Depending on the specific variety you’re looking to target, you’ll find them in December, January and between March–November. This means you’ll have a good chance of encountering them no matter when you choose to visit.

Mackerel including Spanish, spotted and school are also a popular target species off the Gold coast. The mackerel run starts early in December and continues until late may.

Fishing Charter Options

Half day charters operate twice daily. The morning session is 6am-11am, while the afternoon departs at 11am and returns at 4pm. Full day charters depart at 6am and return at 3pm. Both shared and private group options are available.

What to Bring on a Fishing Charter

  • Hat
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses
  • camera
  • sea sickness tablets
  • Food and drinks

How do I Book a Charter?

Simply click the button below to check availabilities and book instantly online.

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