organising a fishing trip

Organising a Fishing Trip

Organising a Gold Coast Fishing trip

How to choose and book a great fishing trip. When people think of fun with friends and families, most think of the usual activities. Picnics, theme parks, football or the theatre, Some just  prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix in the comfort of their own lounge rooms. But have you ever considered a deep sea fishing trip for friends and family members? Not only can an offshore fishing trip be a fun way to bond, but likewise, all the members of your group can also learn some new fishing techniques. The children and teens can also learn more about the different types of fish and the abundance of wildlife the Gold coast has to offer. Just like any other outing with mates and family , your  deep sea fishing trip needs to be organised and pre booked with the operator. Here’s how to arrange one. fishing trips Gold coast

Half Day or Full Day Trip

There are several fishing charter operators around the Gold coast and Brisbane. So it’s advisable to do your research prior to booking. Check prices, maximum capacity of the boat. And also the departure location, vessel quality,  and online reviews. Begin by deciding whether you want to do a half day fishing trip or a Full day tour to maximize the length of your fishing experience. If you decide on a half-day charter, you can then select either a morning trip (usually starts at 5:30 AM) or an afternoon session (starts at 11:00 AM). Half-day trips usually have a duration of five hours and are perfect for groups who don’t want to spend the entire day fishing out at sea. You might have to join a shared charter with other participants. But if you have enough family and friends, or are willing to pay a little extra for the privilege. You might decide to book a private charter and have the whole boat to yourselves. On the other hand, whole-day fishing trips, start early in the morning and continue until around 3pm in the afternoon. Unlike half-day trips where the cost is per person, you pay for the entire boat price in full-day trips. So, it’s automatically a private family affair. You may bring food and refreshments. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended, as having to go back to the shore in the middle of the trip is not an option. organising a fishing trip

Make Sure Everyone is Keen to Go and Finalise Numbers Before Booking

Your fishing trip won’t be a ton of fun unless everyone is willing to give it a try. Otherwise, you might have a few sad sacks in your boat that will ruin the atmosphere for other participants. If they’re really adamant against going on a deep sea fishing trip. Decide if you really want them to come along, or be prepared to handle their mood should they be forced to do so. Of course, there are also genuinely serious reasons some family members object. Some people may have experienced Sea sickness from being on board a boat previously. This can result in vomiting or nausea that can last for hours until you’ve returned to dry land. Preventative medicines for motion sickness like Kwells and Travel calm can be helpful in this situation. It is advisable to check with your doctor or pharmacist before using these products. If everyone’s keen on doing the trip, be sure to choose a date when none of your group has any prior commitments and make sure they are happy to be off the phone grid for the day. Mobile phone service can be patchy at sea, particularly out on the deeper reefs. Since you’re going out to sea, there’s a chance you won’t have phone service, possibly making you and your family unreachable for most of the day. Snapper

Bring the Essentials For Your Fishing Trip

Most good quality fishing charters come with a comfortable boat, an experienced skipper and deckhand. Also included there should be an on board toilet and all the bait and fishing tackle that’s required to fish in offshore waters. But that doesn’t mean you should show up empty-handed. Be certain to pack these essentials for your groups safety and comfort.
  • Sunscreen – You should use a water-resistant sunblock with at least SPF30, but the higher the UV protection factor, the better. It will help prevent sunburn and long-term exposure to UV radiation off the water when out fishing on the boat.
  • Suitable fishing clothing – Fishing charters only head out when weather conditions are favourable, so expect to go out on a sunny or cloudy day with light to moderate sea breezes. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing, but also bring a windbreaker or jacket if you’re traveling before sunrise.
  • Food and drinks – Most charters supply bottled water, its advisable to bring light snacks if you’re only there for half a day. It’s recommended that you bring enough to share if you’re fishing with family and friends. Most charter boats allow alcohol in moderation, preferably in cans. As a final reminder, make sure you arrive for your fishing trip at least 20 minutes before departure time (especially if you didn’t book a private charter). If necessary, book nearby accommodation if you don’t want a long home after a day out fishing.

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