fishing with kids

Fishing With Kids

Fishing with kids

Whether you are a parent, a legal guardian, an uncle or Aunty there are numerous reasons to teach children how to fish. Some reasons are blatantly obvious, like spending time in the great outdoors and making incredible new memories, but there are also some reasons that are not so obvious. Don’t forget to keep these additional reasons in mind the next time you have the opportunity to take a bunch of kids to your favourite fishing hole. 

1. When you teach a kid to fish, you are helping them unplug from technology. Mobile devices, x boxes, play stations and computers have become a big part of our kids daily lives, but it’s critical for kids to learn when to take a break from technology. You can educate kids about the mental and physical benefits of spending time outdoors by helping them focus their eyes and attention spans on nature versus aa electronic device.

2. Fishing promotes and encourages feelings of confidence and empowerment. If you grew up fishing, you probably remember winding in and landing your first catch like it was yesterday. Part of the reason fishing creates such vivid memories is because it encourages positive feelings of accomplishment and empowerment. Every time kids master a new angling skill, there is another opportunity for them to gain and boost their confidence.

3. When fishing with kids, they learn more about the eco-systems that fish inhabit (oceans, rivers, creeks etc.). Fishing trips can be awesome biology lessons. Adults can use them to create “educational moments” about the marine food chain and fish species identification.

4. Fishing can help teach kids about the importance of conservation and the importance of only taking what you need. When you teach  kids to fish, you can educate them about the various state fishing rules and regulations, proper catch and release techniques, and why rules and regulations are important to follow for conservation of fish stocks. Encourage kids to practice proper catch and release techniques and bolster the importance of sticking to bag limits every time they go fishing.

5.Kids build lasting relationships with friends and family while fishing. If you’re an old school fisherman, you can attest first-hand to the bonding that takes place between friends or family when you go on fishing trips together. The excitement of a big catch doubles when you are able to share the experience with children.



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