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Exploring the Best Fishing Spots on the Gold Coast

10 Of The Best Gold Coast Fishing Spots

The Gold Coast, with its stunning coastline and diverse aquatic ecosystems, offers an abundance of fishing opportunities for enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local angler or a visitor to this picturesque region, finding the perfect fishing spot can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll guide you to some of the best fishing spots on the Gold Coast.
The spit a great fishing spot on the gold coast

1. The Spit

Fishing at The Spit: This iconic location on the Gold Coast is a hotspot for both locals and tourists. Its expansive beaches, rock walls, and the Southport Seaway offer a diverse range of fishing opportunities. You can target species like Tailor, Bream, Whiting, and even the occasional Mulloway.

2. Kirra Beach

Fishing at Kirra Beach: Kirra Beach, known for its consistent surf breaks, also offers excellent fishing conditions. Anglers can cast their lines from the beach or the nearby rocky areas to catch species like Dart, Whiting, and Flathead. The southernmost part of the beach, near Kirra Point, is particularly productive.

Beach fishing hot spot - Kirra beach
Tweed river

3. Tweed River

Fishing at Tweed River: The Tweed River, which straddles the New South Wales and Queensland border, is a prime destination for estuary fishing. It’s home to a wide variety of fish, including Bream, Flathead, Mangrove Jack, and even the elusive Mulloway. You can fish from the riverbanks or hire a boat for a more extensive angling experience.

4. Broadwater Parklands

Fishing at Broadwater Parklands: This family-friendly park offers fishing opportunities amidst beautiful park surroundings. The calm waters are ideal for young anglers and beginners, and you can catch species like Bream, Whiting, and Flathead. Plus, you can enjoy a picnic or barbecue in the park after a day of fishing.

flathead fishing spots

5. The Seaway

Fishing at The Seaway: The Gold Coast Seaway is a renowned location for serious anglers. It’s where the ocean meets the Broadwater, creating a dynamic fishing environment. Here, you can target larger species like Tailor, Mulloway, Trevally, and even pelagic fish such as Mackerel and Tuna.

Gold coast seaway fishing
A great Gold coast fishing spot.

6. Currumbin Creek

Fishing at Currumbin Creek: Currumbin Creek, a tranquil oasis on the Gold Coast, offers a serene fishing experience amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Popular catches in these pristine waters include Bream, Flathead, and Whiting. Kayak fishing is a cherished activity here, allowing you to explore the creek’s hidden gems while angling.

Seaway jetty, Gold Coast Qld

7. Gold Coast Seaway Jetty

Fishing at Gold Coast Seaway Jetty: The jetty at the Gold Coast Seaway is a local favorite for anglers. It’s known for its convenience and a variety of catches, including Tailor, Trevally, and the occasional Snapper. This easily accessible spot offers a great fishing experience for both beginners and experienced anglers.

8. Coombabah Creek

Nestled within the Gold Coast’s serene landscape, is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts. This tranquil waterway offers the perfect escape into nature testogel for sale while providing ample opportunities to catch Bream, Flathead, and Mangrove Jack. Anglers can enjoy a peaceful day of fishing in this picturesque setting.
Coombabah creek

9. Tallebudgera Creek

Fishing at Tallebudgera Creek: Tallebudgera Creek, with its calm estuary waters, is an ideal destination for family fishing outings. The area is known for its catches of Bream, Whiting, and Flathead. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones while reeling in some impressive catches in this picturesque setting.

Tallebudgera creek
Offshore reef fishing charters

10. Offshore Reefs

Offshore Reef Fishing: For the ultimate fishing adventure, explore the Gold Coast’s offshore reefs. These deep-sea havens are teeming with both bottom reef and pelagic game fish, including Marlin, Tuna, Cobia and Snapper. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a thrill-seeker, the offshore reefs offer endless opportunities for landing the catch of a lifetime. The easiest way to gain access to the action on the offshore reefs is to book onboard with a local fishing charter operator. True Blue Fishing Charters knows all the secret spots, understands the behavior of  the fish, and provides invaluable insights to make your adventure unforgettable.


The Gold Coast boasts a plethora of fishing spots, catering to anglers of all skill levels and preferences. Whether you seek a tranquil day by the river, an exciting jetty experience, or an offshore deep-sea excursion, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. Explore these fishing spots, cast your line, and savor the unique charm of fishing on the Gold Coast. 


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