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Venus Tuskfish – Gold Coast Fishing – Tuskies

Venus Tuskfish – Gold Coast – Tweed Heads


The Venus tuskfish would have to be one of the most highly sought after table fish in northern Australia. They are not only sensational eating but also provide anglers with a solid fight when hooked on suitable tackle. The species is also commonly referred to as Tuskies and blue bone. Which derives from the aqua, blue coloured spine and other internal bones of the fish. Many people also incorrectly refer to them as Parrot fish. Venus Tuskfish Gold coast

Distribution and Habitat

Venus tusk fish can be found around the the northern and central coasts of eastern Australia. From as far south as Coffs harbour in New South Wales.  In short, Tuskfish like to congregate on the bottom around rock or coral reefs with sections of sand and weed present.  Subsequently off the gold coast they are regularly caught in water as shallow as thirty metres and as deep as eighty five metres. most Tuskfish are caught between the 45-70 metre range.   Gold coast fishing charters Venus tuskfish

How to Catch Venus Tuskfish

Offshore Venus tuskfish like to feed on or around the turn of the tide. These quality fish can be readily caught all year round and will happily devour offerings of squid, mullet, pillies and other flesh baits. Octopus and crabs also work well on Tuskies.

Fishing Tackle Requirements

Pound for pound, these fish fight as hard as any other reef fish out there. But in saying that, most Tuskfish encountered off the Gold coast are in the 1-5 kilogram range. Hence, all that’s required is a suitable 10-15kg outfit. Either a thread line or an overhead reel depending on your preference. Accordingly as far as rigs go, a simple patternoster with 2 hooks attached and a suitable sized snapper lead will get the job done. Tuskfish, Tuskies Tweed heads

On The Plate

Venus tusk fish are not only one of the prettiest species in the ocean, but are also a fantastic table fish. Furthermore the firm white flesh easily flakes away from the bones and has delicous sweet flavour.

Queensland fisheries size and bag limits

Size limits on takes Minimum size 30cm
Possession limits on takes
  • 6 combined limit for all tuskfish species
  • 20 combined limit for all coral reef fin fish
We hope this post helps you catch a few more Tuskfish on your next Deep Sea fishing charter adventure. True blue aussie fishing charters


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