The Winter Whale Migration

Whale Migration – Gold Coast.

Whale Migration and Sightings.

If you’re going to book a fishing charter while visiting the Gold Coast, You also get the added bonus of spotting Humpback Whales, during the months between May to November. Southern Humpbacks can be spotted all the way along the East Coast as they travel to warm waters to give birth.

Whales are majestic creatures who also happen to be the largest mammals on the planet.  Most whales feed on Krill and Plankton, which can be found in abundance in the cold and waters around Antarctica.

For charter fishing enthusiasts, spotting whales during this annual migration period is very common, with sightings most days. Whales migrate between May to November and it’s the perfect time for sighting them.

Cooler winter months provide calm seas with light offshore breezes, creating perfect conditions for fishing and whale watching alike. The Gold Coast is one of the best destination for humpback whale watching.  

Hervey Bay is another very popular location where Humpbacks make an annual stop during their migration north to give birth. Starting from mid-July up to November, they can be seen in good numbers. 

Fishing Charters

Whales are best experienced in person and hopefully you’ll spot some of these magnificent ocean creatures while charter fishing with us off the Gold coast.

Winter whales also bring other species along with them. Big schools of Cobia (black kingfish) often closely follow the whales, as do sharks, and sting rays. Cobia are one of our favourite winter target species. We dedicated quite a bit of time to chasing them with both live and dead baits. 

What could be better than landing a 20kg Cobia or whopping big snapper and then watching the whales cruise by and frollick in our semi tropical waters off the south east Queensland coast.

Our fishing charter vessels are available 7 days a week for deep sea reef and game fishing trips.



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