Fishing For Giant Trevally Gold Coast Australia

Giant Trevally Gold Coast

Fishing for Giant Trevally – Gold Coast – Australia

More commonly known as GT’s by most fisho’s, Giant Trevally are rampaging brutes rated right up thereBig giant trevally with other sport fish species for their hard fighting ability. Regularly caught by anglers using both lures and bait. Specimens range from the smaller 1-2kg school trevally commonly caught in the Gold coast Broadwater, right up to the 35kg monsters around the seaway walls and offshore grounds.
Caught in the rivers, estuaries, sand flats and near rocky outcrops. The real brutes are often found around the Gold coasts closer reefs and current lines. These sensational fighting fish offer (pound for pound) one of the toughest fishing contests on the Gold coast.
Battling a gold coast GTThey will repeatedly smash surface poppers with great enthusiasm until hooked, ambush deep diving lures around structure and happily pick off a well presented live baitfish.
GT’s turn up on the Gold coast through out the warmer summer months are prime targets but the bigger specimens up to 35kg require the highest quality tackle to successfully land them.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Giant Trevally, or ‘GT’ as they are commonly called, is its speed. Giant Trevally will hunt on their own, or in large schools, and have a top speed estimated at over 65 kilometres per hour. You can expect explosive strikes on baits and lures followed by blistering runs and a long hard fight.

At True blue fishing we have recently captured a couple of monsters while working the closer eighteenTrue blue fishing charters, Giant trevally, GT and twelve fathom grounds. Both were taken while targeting and burleying for Mackerel. Live Yakkas have proven to be the bait of choice so far this season.

We anticipate seeing a few more of these quality trophy fish as the summer season progresses.

Giant Trevally Fishing Charters.

Monster GTs aren’t an everyday affair on the Gold coast, but certainly if you have bait in the water at this time of the year you are in with a chance. For more information please call 07 55109622 or visit Gold Coast Fishing Charters


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