Gold coast Cobia fishing , Australia

Gold coast Cobia fishing

Rachycentron Canadum

Gold Coast Cobia fishing can be a rewarding experience.

There are few fish that can rival the fighting ability of the mighty Cobia. Autumn and Winter months are the prime time to target these brutes on the close reefs off the Gold coast. Big cobia tend to trail whales and sharks looking for scraps of food. If there is whales or sharks in the area you can be sure that the packs of cobia wont be far away.

Large Cobia are often mistaken for sharks. When hooked they tend to rise to the surface with there tail and dorsal fin poking out above the surface. It can be very hard to tell the difference at times, until you get them a little closer to the boat.Deep sea fishing

Cobia are highly migratory and live at least 10 years with some reaching up to 15 years of age. They possess a tremendous growth rate and often gain up to 6kgs per year. The world record for Cobia is 135lbs. Cobia are an open water fish and found almost worldwide in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate waters. Cobia are very common in the waters off south east Queensland. Orientating themselves around rocky out crops and gravelly reefs. Usually between 10-60 metres deep and anywhere that large concentrations of bait fish gather. Their wide flat heads, long lower jaw, cylindrical grey bodies with dark lateral stripe and a white under sides make them easily identifiable.

Offshore Cobia Fishing

Aggressive opportunistic feeders, Cobia often hunt in packs chasing food from the surface to the bottom. They will eat just about everything, generally speaking when targetting cobia live baits such as Yellowtail, slimy mackerel and tailor work best. They will however also respond to dead baits including pilchards, mullet, tuna fillets, crabs and small sting rays. Burley definately helps when targetting cobia offshore, a constant trickle of mashed fish will draw the big brutes in to the baits. Live baits should be set at varying depths both under balloons and pinned to the bottom.

Unquestionably, when Gold coast Cobia fishing what is working one day may not work the next day. Experimenting with differnet baits at different depths. A hungry fish will strike almost anything tossed in its direction


Cobia fishingYou can catch Cobia year round in Queensland but probably the easiest time is during colder months of may-september. Local Cobia range in size from small to 45 kgs. Sight fishing for these critters makes for some very exciting fishing when they turn up under the boat in the burley trail, some days they will smash anything that is thrown at them, other days they can be finnicky and selective, at worst they can be down right frustrating, some times you can throw everything you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply swim away.

Gold Coast Cobia Fishing Tackle

Cobia are a serious fish are serious fish require serious tackle. Cheap rubbish wont cut the mustard, given the chance, cobia will often head for the bottom and cut you off on the reef. With these brutes, recomended gear is either overhead or bigger threadline reels spooled with 15kg main line, offerings from manufacturers like shimano and penn and ideally suited for catching XL size cobes.

Landing a Cobia often requires more than a one attempt. Usually you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn and make another run for the bottom. Often once hooked they will head up in the water column and surface like a shark.  In fact they will often try and circle the boat which becomes complicated when fishing at anchor. But with care the rod can be fed under the anchor rope and the beast can be landed. Once boat side a gaff is an essential item. Prized catches in many ways, Cobia offer the excitement of a hard fought battle and are a sensational table fish, With its firm white GC fishingflesh, it is excellent barbecued, baked or fried.

If you have never caught a Cobia, you are missing out on some serious rod bending action, fishing excitement and a great feed. Try it you wont be disappointed.

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